What is the cause of furrow wear on the surface of shot blasting machine blade?

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Introduce shot blasting machine blade replacement methods and skills, shot blasting machine blade surface groove wear, should be immediately turned around, and then ready to replace the new blade because of severe wear occurs in the outward part of the blade (shot material throwing area) and the inner part (shot material suction area) wear is very small.

The inside and outside end face of the shot blasting machine blade can be used to exchange the wear degree of small blade part as the throwing area, in the subsequent daily maintenance, can also be turned over the leaf, so that the leaf can continue to be used for a period of time. In this way, under uniform wear each leaf can be used four times, after which, it is necessary to replace the new shot blasting machine blade.

When replacing old blades, a set of evenly weighted blades should be replaced at the same time. Shot blasting and cleaning machine leaves are inspected before delivery to ensure that each group of 8 blades have the same weight and the weight error of each blade in the same group is not more than 5 grams. As shot blasting machine manufacturers do not recommend users to replace different sets of blades, because different sets of blades can not guarantee the same weight.

Start shot blasting machine to make it idle, that is, no shot blasting operation, and then stop, pay attention to whether the machine noise during this process. What are the precautions in the transportation process of shot blasting machine parts: shot blasting machine parts in the choice of transportation mode, according to the customer's as far as possible to choose direct with the truck, reduce the loading and unloading times of shot blasting machine parts, avoid breakage or fracture in the loading and unloading.

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