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Surface treatment technology to create applications

We apply outstanding technology and creativity to all fields

We have been engaged in the field of metal surface treatment for more than 30 years, and our services are applied to various market fields. We have excellent technical team and high-end production and design strength, and use our rich project experience to make your factory more perfect.
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    Aviation and Shipping Industry
    We provide solutions for shot blasting, sandblasting and shot blasting applications in aviation and Marine industries
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    Auto parts
    Body, auto parts, engine, gearbox, shell, gear, planet, spring, surface improvement technology solutions
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  • Industry Solutions
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    Wind power tower
    Provide surface treatment solutions for wind power tower, pipeline and anticorrosion industries
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  • The core quality comes from the technical ability of the enterprise itself The elements of an excellent Industry solution are very many. Including project contact experience and project background analysis, with a keen eye to accurately locate the direction of customer demand, but also to do a good job in the overall planning and deployment of products. At the same time correct attitude and details to grasp the quality of each link.

    Our shot blasting technology and experience is exactly what you think
    Rich experience

    We want to use our technology and experience to help customers solve problems and create more value. At the same time, we pay special attention to the product experience.

    Shot blasting, shot blasting
    Rust removal of steel surface
    Casting deoxidization
    Stainless steel shot blasting
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