Steel structure shot blasting machine full set of operation process! And the principle of shot blasting

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Steel structure of the place that we see in life after a long time after will rust or oxide layer, the surface will also exist all kinds of dirty things, so derusting processing steel structure production is a very important process, if processes is not good directly affects the quality of the steel structure and the quality of the paint, make steel structure maintenance cycle shorten or affect the service life, Sometimes it brings structural safety problems during the service life of steel structures.

Steel structure shot blasting machine full set of operation process! And the principle of shot blasting

1, the use characteristics of steel structure shot blasting machine: the selection of appropriate shot to ensure the surface roughness of steel after rust removal, improve the adhesion of the paint film when painting. The method of determining the speed of conveying roller table ensures the quality of rust removal, saves the processing time, improves the efficiency and reduces the cost of rust removal. The energy consumption can be reduced and the service life of steel structure shot blasting machine can be prolonged by adjusting the shooting Angle and starting and stopping of shot blasting device. Simple operation, mature technology, reasonable economy, strong practicability, with good market promotion and application value.

Steel structure shot blasting machine full set of operation process! And the principle of shot blasting

2. Scope of application: it is suitable for cleaning the surface of steel, removing the oxide scale and rust of welding H steel, steel, profile, steel pipe and the construction of shot blasting on the friction surface of steel structure node.

3, steel structure shot blasting machine process principle: Steel shot blasting derusting is is the shot blasting machine shot from a different direction dense projectiles thrown in the steel surface, remove its scale, rust layer and surface roughness of dirt and obtain certain scaling method, the process by choosing appropriate types and different projectile projectile grading to control method of surface roughness, In order to ensure the grade of rust removal, improve the quality of rust removal, improve production efficiency, save energy consumption and reduce production cost, the method of controlling the ejection time by adjusting the ejection Angle and controlling the energy consumption by starting and stopping the ejector is adopted for the steel surface of different corrosion grades.

4. Process flow and operation points:

1) Process flow: selection and gradation of shot → control of shot blasting time → adjusting the shooting Angle of shot blasting machine according to the structure and height of the workpiece → member hanging to roll table → starting sandblasting → member hanging to roll table → inspection and acceptance.

2) Operation points: ① Selection and grading of projectile: The size of the front surface roughness on the steel structure coating had a great influence on the coating adhesion, surface roughness is too small, paint film is lack of necessary anchor points, completely cured adhesive force is small, the coating might occur early damage, such as peeling, cracking, or layered, if the surface roughness is too large, dosage of paint film must, the film thickness distribution, Especially in the crest of the paint film thickness is lower than the design requirements, causing early rust, in addition, often in the deep valley concave intercept bubble, will become the root of the paint film bubble, so the construction must be derusting after the steel surface roughness to control. The type, shape, size and gradation of projectile are very important factors affecting the surface roughness after rust removal, so the projectile selection and gradation scheme is developed through repeated experiments. ② The selection and grading of projectiles should make the surface roughness of steel after polishing controlled in a certain range, and the surface roughness profiler should be used to detect it.

Steel structure shot blasting machine full set of operation process! And the principle of shot blasting

5, shot blasting time control:

1) component placed on the conveyor roller, to a certain speed slowly send components to the mass ejection room, component end or tail end is to start the catapult will begin to component on the surface of the steel shot mass ejection time to exit the mass ejection room and left on the surface of cast steel shot playing time to shot time, control the speed of the roller conveyer to control blasting time, in order to achieve the cleaning effect for the purpose.

2) For different corroded steel surface is a certain projectile projectile projectile, to reach the same derusting grade, the speed of the use of serious rust conveyor roller is smaller, the speed of the use of non-serious conveyor roller is larger. For the steel surface of the same rust grade is shot by a certain projectile, when reaching different rust grade, the speed of the conveyor roller with high rust grade is smaller, and the speed of the conveyor roller with low rust grade is larger. According to the above principle, the determination method of conveying roller table speed is formulated in combination with the rust situation of the descaled steel surface and the descaling grade required by the design.

3) basic interval velocity determine later, according to the situation of steel material, abrasion of the projectile, or add comprehensive consideration, the projectile to replenish the material surface hardness is relatively large or small, relatively small surface hardness of great value, just fill after pill take small value, the projectile badly worn tend to fill pill you take great value, in order to determine the speed of the roller conveyer. According to the structure and height of the workpiece, adjust the shooting Angle of the shot blasting machine: because the shot blasting derusting is to hit the shot thrown on the steel surface to observe whether the workpiece runs off the table, timely adjustment; Roller table operation speed control in strict accordance with the requirements of delivery. The machine should regularly remove the waste in the separator and dust collector during operation to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Pay attention to whether the vibration and sound are normal in the operation of the shot blasting device, the temperature rise of the bearing and the motor, when abnormal, stop the machine in time to check, troubleshoot or replace the blade. After the derusting of the member is completed, the truss crane should be used to lift it from the roller table in time and put it to the designated position, and the finished product should be protected.

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