Turntable shot blasting machine – enhanced shot blasting machine

Enhanced shot blasting machine

Turntable shot blasting machine – enhanced shot blasting machine

Turntable shot blasting machine – enhanced shot blasting machine

Naisite rotary table shot blasting machine, gear strengthening shot blasting machine, rotary disc shot blasting machine, according to the requirements of single door or double door design.

Turntable shot blasting machine, rotating table, shot blasting cleaning machine is suitable for mass production of small and medium-sized workpiece surface cleaning, the specifications of the equipment is suitable for engine connecting rod, gear, diaphragm spring and so on, are widely used in casting and car manufacturing industry, has high production efficiency, good sealing effect, compact structure, easy to load and unload a technical content is high. The key part of the turntable shot blasting machine is the turntable used to process the workpiece. This type of equipment is more suitable for processing symmetrical parts. The turntable can also be positioned at a certain Angle, and cooperate with several multi-point positioning throwing heads to realize the processing of asymmetric parts.
There are two main types of turntable shot blasting cleaning machine:

A single turntable installed in the machine will allow the cleaning of large and heavy parts without the labor of moving them back and forth.

A single or two meter machines in which the turntable is mounted on the door of the machine. Because their load is limited, the load/unload portion of the door is via a bridge crane or forklift. If the rotary table shot blasting machine is equipped with two doors, the output can be greatly increased

Product parameters of turntable shot blasting machine

model Q3512 QF3512 Q3525F
Cleaning room size mm Ø1350*560 Ø1350*860 Ø2654*560
Cleaning part size mm 600*250*250 600*250*500 600*500*250
Rotary pallet load Kg 400 400 1000
diameter Mm Ø1200 Ø1200 Ø2500
Shot blasting machine Blasting quantity Kg/min 200 2*120 2*250
power kw 11 7.5*2 15*2
Lifting capacity of hoist T/h 15 15 30
Separator separation quantity T/h 15 15 30
First loading quantity of projectile kg 400 350 1500
Ventilation rate 2800 2800 5200
Overall dimensions mm 1500*3450*3780 1900*1900*4165 4260*3647*5366
Power (excluding dust removal)) kg 17.3 18.7 35.2

Picture of turntable shot blasting machine

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